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Does your application use any FTDI devices or you are struggling to communicate the external devices like I2C/SPI/GPIO etc?  Then make use of this driver to communicate the external devices through FT4222H from FTDI.

FTDI Driver for I2C SPI GPIO by AJ is a library wrapped around the D2XX DLL and the LibFT4222 DLL from the FTDI chip. This toolkit can be used to do the following things.

Generic FTDI operations like

  • Open/Close the FTDI device using serial numbers/device location index/ description
  • Reset the FTDI device from the software

SPI operations like

  • SPI Master Read/Write
  • SPI Slave Read/Write
  • With and without data protocols and without acknowledgment bits

I2C operations like

  • I2C Master Read/Write
  • I2C Slave Read/Write
  • I2C Slave address setting

GPIO operations in FT4222H like

  • Read/Write the logic level to GPIOs
  • Read the interrupt occurrence
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Help Manual

  FTDI Driver for I2C SPI GPIO Help Manual    


Demo Video – I2C Communication

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