FTDI does not communicate after building executable


Question 1

We have purchased a license for FTDI driver for I2C SPI and GPIO from NI.

While working with a code we are successful in communicating with the FT4222H chip. But after building the executable, the EXE is not communicating with the chip.

Question 2

There are problems when trying to build an application. The Vi is running well, but the executable fails to connect to the FTDI module. 
There are some dependency problems in the project. What is wrong? We’re using LabVIEW 2020, 32-bit.


If you get some dependency problems while building the application, it’s likely that files are moved to other locations from the regular directory where the library looks for the files. Try following steps to fix this issue,

General Troubleshooting guidelines for DLL missing for executable:
Step 1
.  Ensure the DLLs are installed in the program file as below screenshot. Typical DLL path is as below (ensure change 20xx to correct LabVIEW version)

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 20xx\vi.lib\AJ\FTDI Driver for I2C SPI GPIO\DLLs
FTDI DLL Location in Program Files

Step 2.  Create a virtual folder in your project and add those files to t virtual folder in the project as below.  New Folder is a virtual folder in this example.

Virtual folder with DLLs pulled from Program Files

Step 3.  Then add those DLL files from the virtual folder to the Always Included section in your build executable specifications as below

DLLs added to always include in build specification

Step 4.  Try building with this specification.

Question 3

All above steps are tried, still the executable is not working. What can I do?


Ensure all DLL exists inside data folder parallel to the executable location

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