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The world is bombarding with SaaS services all over and it’s time to connect LabVIEW to the SaaS world. Most of the SaaS service provides Python API and integrating Python API to LabVIEW is gradually becoming a norm. Recently I spoke on GLA Summit 2021 about how we can integrate the LabVIEW with SaaS services with a producer-consumer loop in the python layer.

Demonstration Video

This video explains a top-level view of how this really works for a simple email SaaS from mailersend.

Presentation Slides

Here are the slides where I explained one of the Python to LabVIEW integration techniques that I adopted for integrating the SaaS services to LabVIEW.

Ajay is a professional developer and architect of LabVIEW applications with extreme interest in getting the hardware connected to LabVIEW and automate the stuffs.  He is also a good mentor for the various interns in his career.  He is ready to help the people in techie roles.

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