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When I started with DIAdem most recently I felt immediately it’s such a powerful tool that I haven’t explored. I was intrigued when one of my friends told me that it was originally built by a German company Gfs and later acquired by National Instruments. While searching, I found that pretty much most of the features are very intact including the GUI components from the original software. Here is a glimpse of some of the old docs I can extract.

For some reason, NI didn’t integrate LabVIEW and DIAdem tightly. Can we consider it as software-killing 😀?

Nevertheless, if you have been in LabVIEW and NI platforms for quite a while, never miss a chance to look at DIAdem. I would say the DIAdem market is automotive. A sidenote on a wealthy NI DIAdem Tutorial from Mark Kiehl is quite useful if you need to get started with it.

Here are old screenshots from an old journal for our curiosity.

I could see there was some LabVIEW panel in old screenshots, may be a feature to connect with LabVIEW, but I don’t see it in new versions anymore. Probably this is changed to VBS script method to call LabVIEW VI’s from DIAdem directly.

Here is a translation of that old journal of which explains about DIAdem I found online

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