Pipeline: Repository Variables in GitHub Bitbucket for Version Info

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Recently I've been working a lot with pipelines to automate the build aspects of a LabVIEW framework development and it's quite interesting how it all takes in various directions. To be frank, I think there are too many options when you come into this world from a fixed monolithic application world. Anyways a new learning today is the repository variables used as version info. LabVIEW Project & Version Limitation When it comes to LabVIEW (or maybe in other environments too, I'm not sure), you can save the version info of a built config only to the source file, ie., .lvproj in the LabVIEW case. You can't change this version info in the .lvproj file after your build server builds the executable because you usually don't want the build server to…
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NI-DIAdem & Acquisition History

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When I started with DIAdem most recently I felt immediately it's such a powerful tool that I haven't explored. I was intrigued when one of my friends told me that it was originally built by a German company Gfs and later acquired by National Instruments. While searching, I found that pretty much most of the features are very intact including the GUI components from the original software. Here is a glimpse of some of the old docs I can extract. For some reason, NI didn't integrate LabVIEW and DIAdem tightly. Can we consider it as software-killing 😀? Nevertheless, if you have been in LabVIEW and NI platforms for quite a while, never miss a chance to look at DIAdem. I would say the DIAdem market is automotive. A sidenote on…
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Compress-Archive Multiple Paths

Today it took me a while to get this out working for multiple paths (or other words multiple files) to get compressed using Compress-Archive command. If you want to pass multiple paths to Compress-Archive command in PowerShell, give it with comma separation as in this video. https://youtu.be/4FlYiust4Bw
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