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After 10+ years of working in LabVIEW, I finally got to merge one of the projects properly. Though we can use source control like SVN & Git with LabVIEW file types (such as .vi, .ctl), there is very little chance our LabVIEW developers get to diff and merge the LabVIEW file types. This is mainly due to the visual complexity that we go through, the binary format of LV files and real estate needs, and the simplicity of silos in most LabVIEW projects. Of them, LabVIEW merge is very less used than LabVIEW diff.

I had some directions on how to apply it for sourcetree from Endigit here but later found that it partly worked. So I customized it further in order to get it working. Here is the working version of the shell script that worked for me.

Notice: You may need to get details from the Endigit link above to set it up working and this is just an amendment to it.


SourceTree settings to set the proper merge arguments

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