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We can send proxy emails from Gmail with other email addresses. You need to verify that another email address is your own in order to do this. I use this service to send email as if I’m sending from another Gmail itself.

Recently Google has stopped the authentication of this kind of less-secure apps. However, there is another way to achieve it is via using the google app passwords that allow temporary password generation to connect from less-secure apps.

Steps to add alias email in this new method

  1. Generate the password from your App Passwords
  2. Go to Gmail settings –> Accounts and Imports –> Send Mail as: –> Add another email address
  3. Enter your Name and Alias’s Email address on the first page
  4. Enter Google SMTP (, Google ID, generated password
  5. Verify the code sent via email.

Viola.! There you go.

Edit: 19-Aug-2022

⚠ Never delete the password generated from Apps Password, doing so will get you “Message not delivered” later as authentication fails.

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