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Recently I started using macOS full-time and I have to start using VirtualBox as my default Windows option inside Mac. The performance was good but I noticed it drags over the time usage then I came across this thread to use a special option “Open Low Resolution” for VirtualBox settings.

However, I didn’t find it in macOS Monterey. For some reason Apple engineers took away this option from the Application –> Get Info window.

Few other resources explained how this can be still set in advanced mode using by editing the file.

I edited two Info.plist files which are

File 1

sudo nano /Applications/
Set NSHighResolutionCapable to False
  • Save the changes with keys control-O (^O) to WriteOut
  • Exit the editor window with keys control-X (^X) to Exit

File 2

This file I found in my first VirtualBox installation but it’s not visible when I installed VirtualBox over again. However it might help

sudo nano /Applications/
Set NSHighResolutionCapable to False

The final effect I noticed when the resolution of VirtualBox window itself changed by showing bold texts as below

Text becoming bold after changing to false
Text becoming bold after changing NSHighResolutionCapable to false

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