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TestStand persisted data (like a watch window data) could be a reason behind such aborts or stopping of sequence unexpectedly. In my case, I tried to check function AbortAll() in the watch window and ran into an infinite loop of aborts whenever I try to pause the sequence. To add more trouble, it didn’t allow me to delete it as Watch View becomes inaccessible (see greyed out below) after sequence aborts.

In this case, the sequence stops/aborts soon after a breakpoint is reached to pause the sequence as the watch window is then executing the AbortAll() function which is called in the watch window.
Watch Window in TestStand is executing unexpected functions of TS-Engine

To overcome this issue, the Watch expressions are persisted in the TS common app data can be edited in a simple text editor. Open TeststandPersistedOptions.opt found in below path in a notepad and remove the section as highlighted in following screenshot.

C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\TestStand 2021 (32-bit)\Cfg\TeststandPersistedOptions.opt
Section in which the troubling persisted data needs to be removed.
Delete the section which has such persisted data that could trouble you.

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