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Multi desktop (Ctrl + Win-key + Left or Right arrows)

The icon next to Search in taskbar.

Task View button on Windows Taskbar

Usually I keep 2 desktops in my work PC where one is for my personal works, after all most of the cloud services keeps us busy personally in office ?

Two desktops – My preference is to keep one for work and other for personal

The shortcuts I use for easy switching the desktops are

  • Cntl + Win-key + Left or Right arrows to switch to the desktop on left or right
  • Trackpad gesture 3 fingers swipe left or right. (I guess I configured it a while ago in windows settings.)

Clipboard History (Win-key + V) Historical Paste

This helps me a lot. Once you copy the text or images, it goes to the history, then wherever you need to paste use Win+V instead of Ctrl+V to show up this little popup, select your historical item to paste

Sample of Clipboard history in Windows 10

Unfortunately the copied files don’t show in this history ☹, it would be likeable feature.

Cloud clipboard history

While I’m writing this blog, interestingly I found a new feature Sync across devices for historical copy across devices in settings which I’m yet to try out. There are some apps for Android & Apple to sync clipboard, but I believe it’s Microsoft Edge browser is what you want to achieve this, like a promotion ?

Sync Across Devices

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