Preview Google slide without any fuss

If you are looking for simple presentation without the bottom bar while you presenting with Google Slide Then use the below preview short code in URL which shows only a presentation view without an editor. You can full screen F11 the browser to make it present just like a normal presentation. preview?rm=minimal
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Native Windows Tools which makes my life easier

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Multi desktop (Ctrl + Win-key + Left or Right arrows) The icon next to Search in taskbar. Task View button on Windows Taskbar Usually I keep 2 desktops in my work PC where one is for my personal works, after all most of the cloud services keeps us busy personally in office ? Two desktops - My preference is to keep one for work and other for personal The shortcuts I use for easy switching the desktops are Cntl + Win-key + Left or Right arrows to switch to the desktop on left or rightTrackpad gesture 3 fingers swipe left or right. (I guess I configured it a while ago in windows settings.) Clipboard History (Win-key + V) Historical Paste This helps me a lot. Once you copy the text…
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