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Obtaining a driving license in Ireland looks too cumbersome for beginners. And it’s an especially lengthy process if you’re from India. Good thing is that if you already have driving experience in India for more than 2 years, then you can reduce your license obtaining cost by about 200 euros with EDT Shortening. For all newcomers, I tried to grasp the steps below to achieve a driving license.

Ireland Car Driving Lesson process steps
Ireland Car Driving Lesson process steps


? Input to the step
? Output from the step
⌚ Time for the step
? € Price for the step

Step 1: Theory Test Practice

  • Use No need for additional materials to practice.
  • Complete all 900 questions on this website and pass at least 10 tests consistently.
  • ⌚ 10-20days
  • ? €Free
  • ? Your knowledge

Step 2: Theory test booking

  • ? PPS / Passport
  • With your PPS Card or Passport book theory test in advance
  • Book for a day at least 10 days down for practicing meanwhile.
  • ⌚ Wait for 5-10 days based on availability
  • ? €45
  • ? Appointment

Step 3: Eye test certificate

  • Book an appointment with the optician
  • Give the eye test which involves.
  • In the end, ensure you get the certificate properly dated and no overwriting. If any overwriting, then each overwriting should be initialized (mini signature of the certificate providing doctor) near to the overwritings.
  • ⌚ 1 day
  • ? €20 or €30
  • ? Eye test certificate

Step 4: On Theory test day

  • Arrive at least 10 min before the test time.
  • Ensure you carry the PPS or passport for identity verification
  • Give the test and hope to pass
  • If passed, you will get the pass certificate
  • With this pass certificate, you can use it up to to 2 years to get Learner license
  • ⌚ 1 day
  • ? €45
  • ? Theory test pass certificate

Step 5: Get Learner License

  • Book for appointment on
  • ? Carry filled D201 + Eye Test Certificate + Theory Test Certificate
  • Get the license number from the counter.
  • Learner license permit delivers to your address directly in a week of time.
  • ⌚ 1 day
  • ? €55
  • ? License number & Learner permit

Step 6: Get Exemption Letter

  • Download driving license certificate from Indian website
  • Using the license number from the counter, apply for EDT shortening.
  • ? Post EDT application (with license number) + downloaded Indian license certificate via ✉registered post for better tracking
  • Get the exemption letter back in a post in 2 weeks
  • Ensure EDT letter is signed. One of my friends has to go through hassle on test day due to an unsigned form.
  • ⌚ 2 weeks
  • ? €8.20 (registered post)
  • ? EDT Certificate

Step 7: Driving lessons

  • ? Learner permit + EDT certificate on the day of first driving lesson.
  • Find an available driving tutor. 
  • Usually all tutors are booked for 2 weeks.  It’s better to book for driving lessons early while applying an exemption letter
  • Finish 6 or 12 lessons based on your experience. Tutor might recommend more classes if you are not fit.
  • On each lesson ensure that the tutor uploads the lessons to the RSA website.
  • If you’re doing well on lessons, then some tutor can help you reduce your cost by keeping the last lesson on the day of the test. This can make you feel comfortable before the test.
  • ? 3 weeks to 12 weeks
  • ? 35/lesson = 210 to 420
  • ? Uploaded driving lessons to RSA

Step 8: Apply for Driving test

  • ? All driving lessons uploaded.
  • Once all 6 or 12 lessons are uploaded by the tutor, you can go for applying driving test
  • You might need to wait easily for 2 months for an available date.  Usually it’s highly booked. You can consistently call for using canceled slots to get earlier slots. All the way ensure that canceled slot is inline with a driving car available from tutor
  • ? 6 weeks to 12 weeks
  • ? 85
  • ? Appointment

Step 9: On Test Day

  • ? EDT letter, appointment letter, PPS or passport, and other necessary documents.
  • The tester will ask some questions from your theory test.
  • If you’re answering sufficiently, you will be taken to the driving test
  • Tutor will ask you to get into car and ask to turn on headlights (dim and dip), tail lights (breaking), he may check tyre pressure, tyre threads etc… all are good before getting into the car.
  • Tutor will ensure your insurance disk, road tax disk before getting on.
  • Once the tutor gets into the car he continues few questions about you knowledge on dashboard and other features in car. Features like indicator, wiper, headlight, etc…
  • He will ask you to move on and keeps giving you direction in which to go. Then it’s all about your real knowlegdge & experence through the driving… Lot to tell on this, but need to keep this article short.
  • Once you’re back to the test centre, you will be taken to the counter again.
  • If you’re passed, then he will provide you with the pass certificate with mistakes you need to keep eye on.
  • ? 1 day
  • ? Nothing
  • ? Driving test pass certificate

Step 10: Apply Final Driving license

  • Book an appointment in NDLS website
  • ? Visit NDLS with driving test pass certificate + D401 + Other documents marked in the D401 application. You might need GNIB here.
  • Expect your driving permit in 1 week of time.
  • ⌚1 week
  • ? 55
  • ? Application acknowledgment

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