A Poet Yearns for Realization

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There are times too when I write some poetic words..!  This is one of the things I’m longing for in this lifetime.  Not to become poetic.!  But for other one which you can comprehend from these stanzas.  If there may shower from universe, then let that may take along.!

There is good deep silence in me which I can easily feel and at the same time there is also so much of thoughts, dreams happens inside.I didn’t really wanted to write down as poem, but wanted to record this state of mind written down somewhere.  However, naturally it turned out as poetic words.

And here it goes…

My mind is (so silent) + (so thoughtful).
Unknown thoughts are coming like dream,
Unknown events are coming like dream.
I’m trying to watch those thoughts
But somehow I get along with those thoughts
Emotions & feeling raises out of that
For sure I’m confident that
Something is there deep inside
Which I want to realize
Is independent of those thoughts
I’m yearning for that realization
And hoping that will transform me
To Actual Reality from this Virtual Reality.


PS: Actual Reality unknown..!  Virtual reality is all what I can experience in this world like materials, emotions, feelings, etc…

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