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It’s very honourable to receive such an unique momento and team congratulations from Tessolve for the such an unique project.

For Tessolve in itself this was not a regular project. I was called to develop a test system for calibrating a sensor from IDT.  It’s an 8-sites parallel test executor developed with actor-framework in LabVIEW to make it highly scalable in future.  The project in itself is special in a way that water flows through the test system.  Then don’t fail to imagine that water flowing in test floor too.!  Yes, literally hit happened and everyone had to ensure all safe ways to safeguard the other testers in test floor.

I had great pleasure in architecting this software in LabVIEW, developing myself and getting help from a team of developers to support and managing them in agile way.  On top of it, the greatest pleasure was when I deployed both software and hardware at customer site single-handedly and a huge team was supporting back from India at 12hrs time-difference.  Overall, it was a great learning for everyone involved in the project too.  Thanks to Tessolve for such an wonderful experience.!

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