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Often times I face simple situations in life as very hardship and think why the life is hard to live?  Why not life can be ease for everyone so that everyone can live enjoyably forever like the major of the fantasy movie endings?  Irrespective of different situations, whether you are rich or poor, whether you have good health or bad health, whether you’re blessed with child or not blessed with child, whether you’re living with your life-partner or divorced your life-partner, whether you have this or that…, there is hardship in some form for almost all of us.  Isn’t it so?  Why is that put up in us?

I have some realization that life is hard for some reasons.  As long as we are realizing the Oneness, the Truth, the Awareness, the Soul, the I, we will be posed with various difficult situations to realize that One-thing.  When you go the side which you feel better, you will be slapped to go other side and when you go other side you will be slapped to go yet another side, as long as we realize that big Oneness, we will be slapped and slapped and slapped.  And that slapping is the hardness of life.  Difficulties of life.  Hurdles of life.

Solution for this?  Yet to be found for myself.  Temporarily it’s as “Take the life as it comes to me..!”

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