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I have recently seen Jim Carry’s extreme speech on YouTube just before my afternoon nap.  I went on to sleep due to extreme tiredness.  The speech ran through out the nap and made me sleepless.  To be brief I have been searching for who am I.  I can understand all these that I’m not a thought, I’m beyond a thought, the awareness which even observes the floating thoughts in the mind.

I’m not the mind which is mere construct of this life and experiences in this world but I’m beyond the mind and so and so.  However, I’m not able to realize really who am I.  I can sense that however try to see it in any direction, it’s merely another thought which tries to contemplate who am I really here living on this planet.  Coming back to Jim Carry’s video, here is a snippet of it.  He tells that

Letting the universe know what I want, and working towards it while letting go off how it comes to pass, you job is not figure out how its gonna happen for you and when the door opens in real life just walk through it.

I know from my life experience that universe is always ready to give us the best thing once we let it know what I want, but never realized how to let it go off and keep the door open.  In case I wanna ask the universe, what would I ask?

Oh universe give me a healthy life.  But I already have.  Let me not disturb the universe.

Oh my dear universe, give me understandable parents.  But I already have parents.!  I can’t change the parents.  Only that they don’t understand the feelings and explains the practicality of the life.

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