Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018..!

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When the year ends, it's about looking back and giving our gratitude for various events all around the year and making next step to new year.!  I thank the universe for gifting me with lasting 2017 and second gift of 2018.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a very happy new year 2018..!  May this eve bring us all to self-centered and one-soul. (more…)
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We Are Software Craftsman

I immediately signed  the manifesto when I first saw the software craftsmanship.   Since my boyhood days, I always wondered and inspired by traditional craftsmen who brings the artistic outlook to any materials.  Whether it's wooden made art, or glass art or concrete arts as modern homes, it's always been inspiring for me about how the artist dives into the creativity and bring it a life with their hands, mind and concentration.  (more…)
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What would I ask the universe?

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I have recently seen Jim Carry's extreme speech on YouTube just before my afternoon nap.  I went on to sleep due to extreme tiredness.  The speech ran through out the nap and made me sleepless.  To be brief I have been searching for who am I.  I can understand all these that I'm not a thought, I'm beyond a thought, the awareness which even observes the floating thoughts in the mind. (more…)
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