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If you have multiple LabVIEW versions installed (like LabVIEW 9.0, 10, … 2013, 2014…, 2017), then while working on multiple projects in different version of LabVIEW, often there is a chance you mistakenly open the one version of the LabVIEW files in other version.

I usually open LabVIEW project files from Windows explorer. Since, LabVIEW has a built-in configuration which remembers the recently opened LabVIEW version, that version of LabVIEW would open the file I clicked from windows explorer and letting me in ‘Oh-No’ moment. Because it would often open my file in wrong LabVIEW version.

In case I had opened earlier version recently than my intended file version (the file I double-clicked on win-explorer), then I would get an error message. Because any LabVIEW version will be able to open files of later version (like opening LV2016 file in LV2014).

In case I had opened later version recently than my intended file version, then I would see LabVIEW automatically compiles it to the later version and put asterisk (*) on the title bar of the file. If I’m are unaware of this, there is a risk that I save it in that later version and letting the other developers deal with earlier error like above.
To avoid these mistakes, I developed an utility which can be installed on windows machine. Once installed this will yield an additional context menu for files with extension .lvproj/.vi/.ctl as shown below.

On clicking the context menu “Open in LabVIEW File Version” in windows explorer will open the file in right version of LabVIEW with a launcher which gives info about file being loaded as below.

Links & Downloads:
You can discuss more about it in NI document page here.
Note that this utility requires LabVIEW-2017 Runtime Engine 32-bit.
The source of this utility is open and I invite you to fork and edit it in GitHub here


Update: Added support for .lvclass and .lvlib files to open in the right LabVIEW version.

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