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Today is Mother’s day. Mom is always a special space with love in whatever place you’re at. On this special day, I would like to recall 3 key lessons she’s given me.
#1 : Tolerance & Patience
Quote in Tamil : "பொறுத்தார் பூமி ஆள்வார்"
Pronounced as "Poruthaar boomi aalvaarr"
Meaning: Those who is patient and tolerant rules the world
At times I wonder how my mom is able to tolerate the harsh & wounding words from others. When the same words thrown at me, I become easily intolerable and burst out in reflex. The patience and tolerance seems to be seeping in me after I become dad which tells silently "this harsh moment will also pass by and there is more admirable moments around this little harsh moments". Lately I found how much I can be a lovable & strongest person if I can tolerate and be patient on those harsh moments.
#2 : Feeding & Teaching
Quote in Tamil : "பசிக்கு உணவளித்த பின் செவிக்கு உணவளி"
Pronounced as "Pasiku unvalitha pin seviku unavali"
Meaning: Feed the starvation then feed the ear (teach)
This is very much about motherhood itself and very fundamental. Knowingly or unknowingly we naturally follow this. Hunger overtakes listening to great lectures. Mother knows how much important is to feed her child and also she knows that her child can’t listen to the valuable teaching unless tiny stomach is fed. On the other side, if anyone forces us to learn/listen something when we’re in hunger, naturally our anger raises at them.
#3 : Parenting
Quote in Tamil :"கோழி மிதிச்சு குஞ்சு சகுமா?"
Pronounced as "Kozhi mithuchu kunju saguma?"
Meaning: A mother can never harm her children.
Sometimes, when our mother advice us which is in disagreement with our idea, we still find that there is validity in her point. Because most of the time, she thinks & works & lives for us. Her suggestions might be intolerable for us at the moment but she would have put deep thoughts before suggestion which can never harm us.
Happy Mother’s Day..!

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