Try wiring LabVIEW code by swapping your mouse to other hand

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Most of us are used to right hand mouse control and few are by nature left hand-ers and they use mouse in their left hand. Have you ever tried swapping your mouse to the other hand and draw the LabVIEW wire? Then try giving it a chance now, I tell you that you will feel a great difference. Don’t just try it for few minutes, but take it as challenge for an hour or day even after your brain says “Oh God..! It’s hard, go to your default hand.”
By default, I’m a right hand user and in our work, colleagues had a fun of using other hands. Initially it was very hard to even draw a single wire from one VI to other VI but what I discovered trying it as challenge to do it for an hour is very potential benefit for LabVIEWers.
Improves Patience: When you’re in haste of finishing something but needs relaxed thinking to implement a logic which doesn’t comes to your mind, using other hand improves your patience and that logic comes up in some moments.
Relaxes mind as fun: It’s more fun in the middle of your programming, and you would feel like you had good break.
Improves Creativity: You can find your other brain gets activated and new kind of thinking comes up. Especially creative thinking happens for default right hand users. Right side of the brain is quite responsible for creativity and right side brain usually controls left hand. Using mouse in your left hand triggers creativity.
Starts Thinking out of box: You can encounter due to change in creativity triggers, you are thinking out of the box for the problem on your plate.
Relives default hand pains: Often I use left hand to avoid pains in my right hand. It gives a great relaxation as it balances the work load between the arms.

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