Windows 10 Trackpad Gestures in Boot Camp MacBook Pro

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When I installed Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro, I was devastated when I noticed I couldn't use the touchpad to its fullest since it showed only one option in Windows Settings without any precision settings. Later I found we need to upgrade the Boot Camp software to be beyond v6.1.15 to get the trackpad working. Hope this helps someone. Strangely Apple Software Update doesn't update the BootCamp to the latest version in a single shot. First I had to install v6.1.13 and v6.1.14, do a restart, then later redo the update to get Boot Camp version v6.1.17 v6.1.19 Apple Software Update - Boot Camp v6.1.17 v6.1.19 After a reboot, it gives the Precision Touchpad option in Boot Camp Control Panel. Boot Camp Control Panel with Precision Touchpad option Then…
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