Get paid for your source code contribution.

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This blog is from my random thoughts collection.Just imagine what would happen if you are getting paid for your source code contribution. Na na na..! Not for any rubbish feature you add, but for the feature which is getting viral and used by most people of the main repo. For this to happen the main source code in the should be generating the revenue wherever it's used. And that generated revenue should be split to the key feature which is making the people to buy that repo. A mechanism to identify which feature is most used, most used feature is the selling-point. Based on feature usage, money can be split-up and paid to the right contributed persons.So, are you ready to fork a repo, and add some feature to start…
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LabVIEW 64-bit Database Addon

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Up until LabVIEW 2018, National Instruments provided database addon only for 32-bit version. Those who works with 64-bit LabVIEW version, this could be a roadblock if ever wanted to run the app only in 64bit and still need to access databases. Access Database from both LabVIEW 32bit and LabVIEW 64bit Short Answer A simple trick which works. If we copy the database addon from 32-bit LabVIEW installation to 64-bit LabVIEW installation, it still works without any issues. However ensure that other database file (.udl etc) and ODBC connections are setup for 64bit as well. Checkout my Oracle DB Connection learnings as well here Long Answer I used Oracle database via ODBC for an application in 32-bit. To get it working in 64 bit I had 32-bit version of same LabVIEW…
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