How did I migrate WordPress & Added SSL to this site?

When my Let's Encrypt SSL gone up and the website become unsecure, the nightmare started. Easily the web traffics go low due to Chrome browser stops the visitors to avoid entering unsecured sites. I couldn't renew my SSL as well due to older version of Bitnami Stack that I had and eventually I had to migrate whole stuffs to get it fixed . So How did I migrate the whole WP to newer Bitnami stack and fixed the SSL issue? What has happened? Though I had words with Bitnami community team, it wasn't much fruitful. Later I understood that Bitnami stack that I had was older version and so the Bitnami's own Certification tool bncert-tool were not working. Configuring the Let's encrypt the old way yet not worked and thrown…
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My Favorite Linux Command line tools & Commands

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Disk Space Analyzers df - command This command can quickly give a glance of how much space are consumed and left out on overall level. For example, below image shows that I have consumed 51% of my disc, so I have 49% left out. NCDU The below command worked for me in bitnami stack however there are also other commands for other OSes. The key feature about NCDU is we can analyze from the root folder and easily navigate with arrows and enter the key to see which is occupying more space. Remember to use Ctrl+Z to exit this at any time. sudo apt install ncdu Folder & File Permission Command: chmod Recursive: -RAll Read Write: a+r+w sudo chmod -R a+r+w /FOLDER/
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