How to use FTDI FT4222H in LabVIEW

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There is a very good device named FT4222H from FTDI Chip which can be used for multi-interfaces like GPIO, I2C, SPI, Interrupt.  The nicest thing is you could access all those communication protocols directly using LabVIEW.  Generally speaking, if you work with a controlling application where your end-device uses such protocols, you could use this device to communicate with the end-device and make the life easier and design would be low cost too (device costs only $2.30). [caption id="attachment_617" align="alignright" width="200"] Fig. FTDI FT4222H Device Image[/caption] GPIO Interrupt I2C Master I2C Slave SPI Master SPI Slave Initially I assumed that this device would be straight forward to use for my application which required three of those features viz.. a master I2C, a GPIO and an Interrupt.  However, it turned out…
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SVN Error – No Lock Tokens available issue

When the SVN gives the message that no lock tokens available, then it means that the SVN server has the lock information for the file but there is no relevant client who is known as the owner of lock.  Usually this lock token issue comes up to me when I have moved the files to some other location or renamed the file. Currently I follow below steps to break the lock in SVN server Find the file which has no-lock-token using the SVN commit window. Go to the respective folder of that file and look for SVN logs and search for that file to filter the various results. Out of the results, select the top result and right click to get "Update items to the revision" for that folder. Now,…
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