LabVIEW + Virtual MachineBenefit 1: Isolated OS environments for each project, thus reduced deployment issues.

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In my last blog post, I said about a few key benefits of developing LabVIEW in Virtual Machines (VMs) like VirtualBox. Here is some details about first key benefit I realized. VMs provides a workflow for developers to separate the various projects in individual environments which eventually reduce the deployment issues.Some of the deployment issues which are faced while delivering LabVIEW application to a customer areMissing or unsupported software tools in the customer(deployment) PCIncompatible or mismatching software installed in deployment PCScenario Example: As depicted in above figure, let's consider that we have three project X,Y,Z which goes to three different customers and consider that each customer has different licenses from NI. Hence their LabVIEW version (2017,2016,2014) gets differed for each different project. All three different relies on a specific version…
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