LabVIEW – NI-Eclipse. Make use of open C/C++ libraries in NI-RealTime (Intel/ARM/Linux) by recompiling it using NI-Eclipse

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There would be some hard times as a LabVIEW developer when you're able to find libraries available for windows but not for your NI Linux targets. Some times it would be relaxation when we want that library for our NI-Pharlap based target, because to some level you can call the windows based DLL/Library APIs in NI-Pharlap. However, when it comes to Linux based NI target, it's quite frustrating that we can't find right libraries because as LabVIEW developer we always biased with Microsoft Windows mindset. Recently I came to such regrets then a 'yay' moment after bumping in some rough surfaces. For one of the LabVIEW application with ByteLabs, we found a library available in windows but we wanted the same library for our NI-Linux based RT target. Our team…
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