Window Losing Focus

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TLDR: When any window in Windows OS loses focus after closing a dialog, the best method that works for me to get back to normal behavior is by killing the explorer.exe from the task manager. For safety, I keep the command prompt open so that I can reopen Windows Explorer again if it doesn't reopen automatically. Just pass the explorer.exe command in the command prompt. Quite a few times, I found while working in LabVIEW that when I open some dialogs like VI properties or LabVIEW Options and close those dialogs, focus is lost and my Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+W doesn't work in the previous window I was working with. Initially, I thought it was due to some bug in LabVIEW, but later found that Windows Explorer is taking on some…
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Aptio AMI BIOS – Auto Power ON

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Recently I purchased Trigkey Mini PC and found it hard to set it to auto power on as there are very less documents. Later I found from a Facebook Post that the terminology used for such a setup is different. They use the G3 and S0-S5 keywords instead of lucid terminologies. So to set the Aptio AMI-based PC to Auto Power ON State go to Enter BIOS >> Chipset >> PCH-IO Configuration >> State After G3 and set to S0 State S0 is Auto Power On State S5 is Off State Other State details can be found at this link
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